The work of a lifetime

So they tell me that happiness is a choice, even when bad luck beats the odds and you have nothing to win. I find it hard to believe, but let's asume it is true and that we can choose how to achieve happiness.

Make no mistake: Happiness is meant to be achieved. You can't just buy it online like you would purchase tickets to a Paul MCartney concert. Oh no, can't buy me love. Or bliss. So, put away your credit card, you compulsive web shoppers.

It seems to me that happiness is some kind of holy grial of our times, as if we just needed to find it somewhere else, away from our everyday life. No, Arthur, for the last time, there is no need for a sword or a crusade.

Instead, we must choose to be happy.

And we must do it without maps, weapons or money, but rather from the comfort of our chouches. From picking a news channel on television that will present us with the curated version of reality, to allowing some people to get on our last nerve and get the best of us.

Let's pretend for a moment that we can stop acting like we care when we don't, or that whoever attacks us is entitled to an answer from us even if that will prolongue a pointless argument.

Life gets better as soon as we understand that happiness is a state of mind that occurs when you decide what to do with the things and the people in your life. You choose and you make plans based on those decitions.

And please do not get me started on those folks who try to look happy just to make someone else sad. It never works. It is way too fake and it eventually shows.

Also, dwelling in the past does not last forever, mainly because it is boring. Moving on... Now that's what I call fun! Plans, goals, challenges...

Do you know what happens when we have fun? Happiness.

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